"What you see is all there is"

Hi, I'm Daniel Seiler

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My professional background is in communications design which I studied at University of Arts and Design in Karlsruhe, Germany where I graduated as a Diplom Designer. University allowed me to learn to love the process and how to make as much as possible from constructive criticism.

People who know me, describe me as an optimist and a product mind-set with an entrepreneurial drive.

I've contributed to over 70 commercial digital software projects/products. All started with the coding and designing of my first website in 2003, then gradually becoming a freelancer in 2009.

At that time (2009) I saw the "path" and went all in – and told myself to never gain a service $ on anything else other than design and product, enabling me to accumulate over 10.000 hours in design.

Something I made and still maintain today is the Nucleus Iconset, a premium design resource launched in 2017 which you can purchase for $50 and which sold over 500 licenses so far. Nucleus has become a joint venture with the designer Özden Gelgec in mid 2020 with years of amazing updates ahead.

Something else I made is the Ambigram Generator "Ductus" or DSMONO which has been adopted and vectorized by Peter Ennis from Portland, CA and is now freely used by other enthusiasts all around the world.

In 2016 Tim Suchanek, Alexander Tonn, Mark Mengler and I collaborated to create Wizart, a technology that turns images into stylized artworks using deep neural networks. Over 5000 monthly active fans created over 250.000 artworks with 300 custom pre-trained neural networks through the iOS and Android app during the beta phase.
Sadly, as a team we didn't succeed to keep going and make a sustainable or fun side project out of it.

In 2019 I co-founded AUCTA with Elias Alonso and Henri Huselstein, which has now become my 24/7 dedication where we are supported by great investors, a fast growing customer base and a great team with a common vision.

I love crafting my own furniture, food & cooking, love tiny houses, hardware/DIY stores, kitchen design and their devices, residental architecture, the smell of wood and exploring the world through road trips with shitty cars.

If I could write something on a giant billboard for anyone to see it would be "Abandon Nationalist Thinking".



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