Daniel Seiler

UI / UX Designer – Consultant

Hi. I am a 8+ years experienced tech designer and entrepreneur specialising in the art of creating digital experiences.

I craft powerful digital and graphical thoughts, to create category leading product experiences that have meaning, relevance and deliver extraordinary value.


UI / UX Design

Digital Branding


Strategic Design

Recent Work

Client experience

„Daniel is the best designer we've met so far – his team skills are mind-blowing and his ability to design strong systems and experiences didn't exceed, but demolish our expectations. Fantastic“

Christian Strobl

CEO, Hackerbay

Hackerbay connected with Daniel to accelerate in-team design processes. A strong relationship established while Daniel built and integrated internal design systems for sales & marketing departments, aswell as creating a highly successful digital brand.

“It was so simple, I cannot put it into better words– if you work in a big company, sometimes there’s a huge hassle trying to find the right person to talk to; even to complete one small task.”

Rene Brandl

Head of Skype Developer Platform

Daniel worked as the lead designer on the Skype Developer Platform with Hackerbay on a very time pressuring project. The Hackerbay team got the whole solution live 6 weeks after kickstart – from content gathering to design to development to bug fixed live page.