Hello, I'm Daniel Seiler.

I act as a partner to strategists and decision makers, designing to upheave fundamental truths creating trust for their targeted audience.
Most business executives neither understand nor optimize the way communication design is utilized to earn trust more effectively whilst outsourcing to third parties which bill by activity with a tendency for corrupt incentives.
As of today, only a fraction of organizations understand the leverage of identifiable trust mechanisms, making those who keep the secrets even more powerful, secrets – hidden in plain sight.

All general aspects of organizations are understood and part of my decade long past experience where operational excellence in delivering design strategy and actions has been achieved through hundreds of projects and a diploma degree in communications design at HfG Karlsruhe. A selected network of brilliant independent craftsmen and knowledge workers allows to translate any thought into its respective element.

Some of my sold intellectual property helps brands build trust at scale – discover Nucleus Icons – a premium monolinear duotone iconset for the B2B mass market, which reigns as the top 4 icon set on ui8.net, making it one of the best sold products of its kind.

Regularly published content and speeches in the new frontier of spatial computing design is well-received by industry experts and published on blog.aucta.io

My current designation is co-founder and CEO of AUCTA, funded after a research break-through in spatial computing and interaction design with the mission to reinvent the instruction – providing Augmented Reality software tools helping industrial businesses with loss of know-how through retirement, productivity pressure, war of labor, safety and reducing maintenance costs.

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