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At a later stage, Wizart Labs launched the Wizart API – a cloud based API access for the style transfer neural networks.
Over 300 unique and irreplicable pre-trained styles were developed. 
Successfully tested and sold to native photo editing app developers the Wizart API is an easy integration for AI based image effects.


Co-Creation of tech brand (co-founders Alexander Tonn, Tim Suchanek)

Neural network co-training

B2B Sales & customer development

Product Design


Pre-trained Neural Networks

Responsive Website

Platform Branding

API Docs

Web photo editor

Marketing Templates

API Client Dashboard

Client Dashboard

API Clients access their current account balance and traffic status via a simple personal status dashboard.

Web Photo Editor

After developing the technology to a point where 9-12 megapixel images could be rendered within seconds, a web based editor was launched to process high quality photography images into stunning results.

How AI paints

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