Food{Hacks} Hackathon

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2015 - 2016

I’m a foodie and a hacker.
So for 2015/2016 I’ve initiated a food hackathon, assembled a team of 6, with 100 participants from 27 countries in Berlin committing to try out new things and collaborate with companies from the food industries.
With over 20 sponsors, we fundraised on our own to host the event free for all participants including high-class API partnerships, corporate workshops, API prices, a great event experience and of course:

Unbelievably good food.


Initiation & co-organization

Event identity conception & design

Website design & development



Banana Trophies

Responsive Website

Event Identity

Social Media Marketing Strategy

Interior Design

Hacker Beer Bottle

Swag Bags

Posters & Materials


A Hackathon is a 24 - 72 hour code challenge, where developers, designers & industry experts team up to produce app prototypes based on a business insight and present it.
The winners earn prizes from the sponsors selected by a high-class jury.

Hackathons also allow companies to get in touch with the tech elite of tomorrow.
For mind-set exchanges, for hiring requests and to learn from each other. Often, hackers team up with industry experts from companies who have the knowledge, but lack execution skills. Together they are able to produce great outcomes.

Swag bags

We invited Nuno Simaria, CTO of Hello Fresh, to initiate the coding by cutting the symbolic pineapple.

One team invented a cinnamon lemonade



A Ukrainian team even came with a present – a hand made morning star by a local craftsman of their village.

a VR food package product testing app with Silicon Valley and Chinese VR teams

Marketing Materials

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