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On rank 47 on the fortune 500 list, Allianz is frankly not a small insurance company.
The amount of health insured clients stretches into the millions.Moreso is Allianz’ interest to facilitate pro-active behavior that exceeds their clients healthiness way into their 60s and beyond. One of the biggest rising problems of office workers is back pain.
Long sitting hours, hardly any exersize during work, little to no movement and unhealthy poses generate lasting effects on the back of people.
A client engagement portal to reduce back pain through community interaction and medical professional guided courses was aimed to support people with their back pains.

Allianz Check My back ipad

Subject matter

Giving medical advice online is a sensitive topic. Allianz worked out a concept where doctors and certified health professionals defined a system of questionnaires and answers which lead to proposed treatment.


The UI pattern of a so-called questionnaire wizard component consists of a complex tree of questions and answers and is the most intuitive user experience for first-time usage to easily submit personal informations without dropping out during the process.

training plan

Part of the solution was providing clients with a personal training plan, catered to the information given from patients and their current pain statements. A combination of video content you’d know from your favorite fitness app and written manuals was made accessible after a personal login and questions answered.

In-app doctors

For all clients (or better: patients) who did not benefit from the given training materials, doctors appointments could directly be booked out of the web app to match those in need with medical experts to provide further treatment.