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Product Design
Product Branding

Universe is an entirety –
we humans segment it.

Within the spectrum of product I work in the areas of strategy, design and branding.
All areas – strategy, design and branding – affect one another. Producing extraordinary outcomes requires overarching proficiency.
From age 13 I’ve built and designed web apps; it just feels natural to me.


years of experience


projects successfully launched


Awards won


Extended network of 100 colleagues

DB Bahn
Hugo Boss

Awards +


Startup Open Innovation Award

University of California, Berkeley & others

Axel Springer

2nd Place at Media Hackday

Axel Springer SE


Winner of Insurance Hackathon

Zurich Insurance Group

Hubert Burda Media

2nd Prize at Open Data Hackathon

Hubert Burda Media


Honorable Mention

Nucleus Iconset

DB Bahn

2nd Place & DB Challenge Prize at Energy & Transport Hackathon



Winner of Geekettes Hackathon

University of Calfornia, Berkeley & others

Axel Springer

API Prize Media Hackday

Axel Springer SE


Audience Award Spaceapps Hackathon

Lab75 and NASA

Axel Springer

Winner Media Hackday

Axel Springer SE

Hubert Burda Media

3rd Place at Open Data Hackday

Hubert Burda Media

Hubert Burda Media

2nd Place at Open Data Hackday

Hubert Burda Media

Product Strategy


As Chief Product Officer, VP Design or similar, operational role. Turning a product around or successfully bringing a new one to life.

OKRdesign & supervision

Numbers that resemble the objective are hard to find and can have a huge leverage. For intrinsically motivated teams and great management.

Deductive goalDefinement

A well executed vision and mission derivation of product goals is critical for organizational alignment and long-term navigational accuracy.

Product strategydefinition & buy-ins

Cross department product strategy definition & buy-in across the organization.

Roadmap design &refocus

If you want to cut corners, you need to understand all weights of decisions regarding their effect of the outcome to cut the right corners. Nobody wants to hit the deadline goals with an abomination created.


Quality refers to the value a customer receives from your product over its lifetime. Not everything is measurable. My tacit knowledge from experience helps here.


Most problems have already been solved in other environments, you just need to know where to look. Steve Jobs famously called it: “We compare and benchmark” and then proceeded to copy from his competitors.


Always learn the recipe before freestyling. I spent years making mistakes you can now prevent by following certain advice from me in product.

Pierre Becerril

"We needed to increase our productization. Daniel worked out concepts that increased the automation rate of service work in data refinement and presentation which increased our profitability margins.”

Pierre Becerril

Founder & CEO Transparent Intelligence

Product Branding

Brand & identitystrategy

Values, business strategy, product & culture.
Cheap, Normal, Premium, Luxury.
What’s the smartest strategy to express such attributes on a visual level?
Can Your venture express its uniqueness?


Logos can be the reasons talent doesn’t join Your company, foreigners won’t adopt Your product, people don’t recognize Your company, customers don’t trust to make the buying decision and nobody can identify anything when standing too far away.


“Make your website your most important marketing tool.”
Patrick Collison, Co-founder & CEO of Stripe.
$100Bn+ market cap don’t lie.


As the title indicates, values cannot be chosen freely – you can only derive values from the behavior and beliefs of the team/people. Aggregating those values and turning them into communicable symbols for representation is tough, though.

Melanie Depner

"Daniel worked intensively with us to ultimately arrive with a logo we’re proudly using for nearly 10 years now. I didn’t know design involved so much strategical preparation and thinking before going into the visuals."

Melanie Depner

Founding Partner at Baier Depner Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH

Product Design

User interfacedesign

Effective User Interfaces can help day-to-day software operators save tons of time, make better decisions or reduce cognitive load.

User experiencedesign

The key to modern software UX is reducing cognitive load to a minimum and enable customers to achieve key actions in lowest possible time, all based on psychological insights and mechanisms.

UIdesign systems

A good UI design system is measured by higher productivity in engineering & design, higher sense of security by users and higher outcome quality.

Feature flow /experience mapping

Collaborative work with engineers and/or product owners to work out smart and functional features feasible in their creation.

UX flowmapping

Systemic planning as a foundation for iterative UX simplification.


If you want to convince and sell today, your product and visual experiences will have to excel in their interactive and timely dimension. An opportunity for UX breakthroughs and unique innovations.

Icon design &iconset design

Consistent iconography and use of digital assets builds trust with all stakeholding users and has usability, entertaining and symbolic value.

Icon & illustrationanimation

Motion & interaction design is a standard in 2022. Static everything in the web just tells your audience how old you have become. Animated icons and illustrations, passive or by interaction create an additional level of juiciness.

Jan König

"Daniels business thinking mind-set combined with his design and product capabilities allowed us to work on business outcomes applying design. It’s pretty rare to get that.”

Jan König

Co-Founder Odaline, CSO Adscanner